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The Non Commissioned Officers Association of the Cyprus Army was officially founded in 2008 upon approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and with the support of the Ministry of Defense and ΓΕΕΦ. Its main objects are:

·         The well-being and the constant education of the Members and their families
·         The improvement of the working standards
·         The study, the protection, the evolvement and the defense of ethics in the working environment along with the protection of all Members fair interests
·         The development of social relations between the Members in a spirit of support and trust
·         The purchase or the leasing of premises
·         The reinforcement of army culture, discipline and mentality
·         The organization of sport and social events, of Meetings and Seminars for our Members or with other Associations. Groups or Clubs.

Further to the above mentioned, the Association's aim is to maximize the ability of the National Guard to defend the territory of the Cyprus Republic, in cooperation with the elected Government and the official Cypriot Army Authorities.

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